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woman got to do sexy stuff! in order to feel sexy and desired

i’m not a fan of pole dance! most of hookers only do that on low light so men can’t how they really are.

And there’s always the saying:

After three beers all girls are beautiful!

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motels and hookers

Motel is a lodging establishment that differs from others because people usually go to it with the purpose of having sex and not necessarily to get accommodation. Most of them do not charge the value of a daily rate, but rather a stay value of a few hours (periods).

Condoms are usually offered, a VCR or DVD player with erotic videos or access to erotic channels, a lunch or dinner menu, a mirrored ceiling, a spa bath with a garage, and can be collective and / or private for one or two or more cars.

Currently the motels represent a moment of comfort, luxury and eroticism, in addition to just a lodging option. People are looking for a differential in a motel that they can not afford in their homes. Certain motels offer, in their more expensive suites, dance floor, sauna, pool and other things.

Typically, motels require at least 1 spouse of both are already of age – and, for this, motel receptionists need to check their identity – as well as have alternative outlets to allow for the eventual escape of a spouse about to be Caught by the other.

In several countries, especially in the US, the term motel has a different meaning. The term is associated with a budget hotel generally intended for drivers, and the rooms often have direct access to the parking lot.

In Brazil, people used the idea that people go to the motel by car to make a place where they can make quick and discreet sexual encounters.

Source portuguese language wikipedia

latin countries also use the idea that women that go to motels are hookers or mistresses!

advise to male: get your girl in a motel  ASAP, if she ‘s a bit cold get her drunk or make her use poppers

advise to female: once in the motel, take the chance get horny and offer your partner eyes a great, slow and sensual show where your body is the main course!


dress, walk, talk, moan, suck his dick and fuck like a hooker! yes women are the most beautiful sex machine

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man is a visual animal

At the very beginning of our civilization woman took care of the house, the herd, the household chores. For these reasons, the stimuli of the outside world have struck man and woman differently.

man was the one who had contact with nature. In his hunting and adventures, or even at war, he did not cease copulating with other females, and through contact with the outside world he became more visual. In the contact with nature, through vision, man became contemplation, fruition and receptivity of pleasure.

it is looking at nature and other females that man feels pleasure. On the other hand, the woman as a housewife had sex only with her husband. Her distractions could only be at home, where she, for years and years, lived and whose only fun was to talk and take care of her children. It was in this closed environment and without contact with the outside world that she lived. It was in this environment that she became a loving and affectionate mother. His contact was only with the family. For these reasons the woman became more affective, auditory and less sexual than men.

Por que os homens amam com os olhos e a mulheres com os ouvidos?

i keep hearing that men are visual creatures and they wonder why we are self conscious about our showing?

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