nudist voyeur limits

besides what you may think of me till now.

i have my limits!

in a locked room with ma boy i don’t have red lines, but in public it is another story.

we were in a beach with few people and as you can see, he only got to film a few minutes! being fully naked even on a nudist beach i don’t feel comfortable

soon enough miss my micro minimus 449 wicked weasel bikini! it is small but it is there!

kisses amadora

downloadable 1080p files:

000005 voyeur lanzarote 1

“butt hole” is the most hidden part of our bodies

Did you ever realized or stopped to think about that?

No human being in plain sight can acknowledge the full extent details of our “butthole” first it’s very small and second is hidden

Well, why don’t you give it a try ? LMAO. Why are humans anuses “protected” by butt cheeks ?

Now i guess we’ve found a certain logic about this mystic aura surrounding “buttholes”, and the ultimate goal in any men engaged in a sex relation!

kisses amadora

downloadable 1080p files:

000002 striping crouch then zooming to butthole